'Dying Light' Is Getting 10 More Free Expansions

Techland announced that Dying Light, the fast-paced and zombie-filled action game it released in January 2015, will receive 10 free expansions over the next 12 months. The add-ons will bring new enemies, in-game items, and mysteries for you to solve on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Few modern games debut in their final forms. Developers often plan downloadable content (DLC) to introduce new content, finish work on incomplete areas, or simply change things up for their players. But it's rare for a game like Dying Light to receive a veritable buffet of expansions so long after its release--especially when that content is being made available to players on three different platforms at no cost to them.

Yet the scheme appears to be working for Techland. The developer said in its announcement that 500,000 people are playing Dying Light each week. That would be notable for many games, but it's made even more surprising by the fact that many critically acclaimed titles have been released in 2017. A two-and-a-half-year-old game is effectively holding its own against a smorgasbord of blockbuster releases.

This news comes shortly after Techland added Tobii eye tracking support to Dying Light. This feature allows the game to fade out UI elements when you aren't looking at them, aim thrown weapons with your gaze, and more. (You can learn about Tobii's expansion to more games and its plans for the future in our report from CES.)

Techland said an expansion featuring new enemies will be "coming soon" as DLC #0. The developer hasn't offered any more information about when the other DLC will be released, but with plans to introduce 10 add-ons over 12 months, chances are good that we'll see a release roughly every month. If you want to learn more about Dying Light, check out our performance analysis and benchmarks for the title's initial release.

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NameDying Light
TypeFirst-person, Survival, Open-world, Action/Adventure
PublisherWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
PlatformsPC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Where To BuySteamGOGPlayStation StoreXbox StoreAmazonBest BuyTargetWalmartGameStop
Release DateJanuary 27, 2015
Nathaniel Mott
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  • dstarr3
    Well, I guess that kind of explains why the game's never had a decent discount despite being nearly three years old.

    Although, it kind of makes me not want to pick it up for another year. If more and more stuff is going to keep being added, why should I start playing it now versus in a year when it's done? In all likelihood, I'm not going to want to play it twice.
  • Poozle
    Nah its an amazing game get it now.
  • therogerwilco
    After the lack of a backup for profile deletion after the oddly worded delete introduced after the first expansion and losing 100+ hours of my game, I think I'll pass.
  • Memhorder
    Money well spent. That's great. A dev who backs their product well after launch is a dev who deserves praise.
  • none12345
    "Well, I guess that kind of explains why the game's never had a decent discount despite being nearly three years old."

    It goes on steam sale for at least 50% off. I bought the enhanced edition for 50% off over a year ago, during the 2016 summer sale.
  • jasonelmore
    there is already so much to do, by the time you finish it, some of the DLC will be released. The reason so many still play it is because of the multiplayer. If your a single player person, which i'm guessing you are... then by all means wait, but there isn't anything good coming out over the next few weeks! Summer is slow for gaming in general with all the good AAA releases happening in Sept thru November