TG Daily Video: Intel demonstrates Core 2 Duo performance gains

Los Angeles (CA) - At the E3 Expo last week, Jodi Geniesse from Intel showed us the upcoming Arima entertainment PC which is basically a computer integrated into a nice LCD panel. The PC will be Viiv-branded and able to stream video and music across networks. A wireless keyboard is included and is slide under the computer when not in use. A webcam is intergrated into the top of the unit.

A multi-threaded physics demo was next up. In a short demo, Geniesse blasted a castle with virtual canon balls. In single-threaded mode, the castle destruction was somewhat slow and hung up a few times. When Geniesse switched to multi-threaded mode, everything became smooth.

Next up was a Quake 4 time demo with the new Core 2 Duo processor versus an older processor. Geniesse told us the Core 2 Duo was a straight drop in replacement of the older processor and they didn't even have to change the BIOS.

Finally we were shown the upcoming Dungeon Siege 2 game where new wireless extensions have been placed inside the game. Traditionally players have had to toggle out of games to their desktop to find out what their wireless signal strength and battery life were. Now, that information will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the game.

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