Asus' All-in-One Eee Keyboard PC Finally Ships

Asus' Eee PC Keyboard is finally shipping. It hit preorder last month, which is usually a pretty good indication that a device will actually ship in the near future, but when something has been delayed as long as the Eee PC Keyboard has, getting your hopes up is a dangerous game.

For those of you who need a recapitulation of the specifications, the Eee PC Keyboard packs Intel's Atom N270 processor; 1GB of DDR2;Ultra Wide Band built in transmitter and external receiver WLAN 802.11 b/g/n; 10/100/1000 LAN; Bluetooth V2.1; a 5-inch 800x480 LED multi-touch display; wireless-N; HDMI out from keyboard and UWB receiver; VGA out; 3 x USB 2.0 ports and Windows XP Home.

The price is $599 and it's available now.

(via Amazon)

  • MiamiU
    that price doesn't justify the kind of hardware it comes with...
  • nforce4max
    This is what the Commodore 128 should have been.
  • tpi2007
    They are releasing a product that is already obsolete even before it ships!

    An Atom N270 ? There has been the N280 (faster FSB, slightly higher clocks, with the same TDP - gets the job done faster = more battery time), and now there is the N450 which is even better for battery life's sake.

    I mean, you can't expect to pay that much for outdated technology. They waited so much time to release the thing and didn't take the time to integrate the new Atom platform. Ridiculous. A platform with the new Atom would give probably twice the battery time. And it's stupid from a marketing point of view. "Hey, look at our 2 year old technology inside a keyboard".

    Oh, and not to mention Windows XP... really ? Netbooks are shipping with Windows 7, and 2GB of Ram. And what about HDD space ? NO mention of it. Not even Amazon cites how many GB it has, Probably less than a netbook too...

    Please, at least do it right. This is a disgrace. And a stupid and strange thing coming from the brand that started the Netbook craze.
  • I'm really excited over this, minus the hardware, it's just extremely practical for those who prefer a full size keyboard.
  • Abrahm
    tpi2007I mean, you can't expect to pay that much for outdated technology.That business strategy seems to be working for Apple...

    I agree that the price is really high for what is essentially a netbook with a larger keyboard and a smaller screen. Cool idea but I think it costs too much.
  • builderbobftw
    Oh, Ew!


    You could build a decent athlon/5770/22" rig for that!
  • porksmuggler
    Abrahmwhat is essentially a netbook with a larger keyboard and a smaller screen.
    the touchscreen is not intended to be the primary display, though the thought is very amusing. Typing a document on a full size keyboard while trying to stare at the tiny display, lol.

    way overpriced...
  • bochica
    I like ASUS, but this thing has dropped the nukear (misspelled on purpose) bomb. Using outdated netbook tech, XP instead of Win 7, etc. If they made this keyboard with the updated technology it probably would have been much cheaper than $600. As others have said, for $600 I would rather pay for a real laptop or a nice budget gaming desktop than a keyboard computer with a little screen.
  • saaiello
    Can we say epic failure :)
  • Kelavarus
    Actually, if you removed the touchscreen, I could see these being *really* useful for libraries. A computer in a keyboard form factor? Perfect for areas that don't have much space (well, if you couldn't put this computer in there, you couldn't put a keyboard there either), and don't need much power.

    Though yes, definitely overpriced.