EKWB Announces New Waterblock Pump Combo for Small Form Factor Builds

EKWB waterblocks
(Image credit: EKWB)

EKWB has given us a sneak peak into several new water cooling products the company will fully unveil later today in its “Strictkly Quantum” show. They Include a new waterblock pump combo unit, double rotary offset fittings, and water blocks for the RTX 3090 TI Founders Edition, as well as AIB partner models.

The biggest product of the bunch is the new EK-Quantum Velocity2 Kinetic DDC 4.2 block-pump combo unit. As the name implies, EKWB has integrated a DDC 4.2 water pump directly into a waterblock for a more minimalistic design – similar to Asetek all-in-one coolers. This product will be particularly useful in small form factor builds where space is very valuable.

The Kinetic waterblock is made out of nick-plated brass for the top portion of the exterior, and an acrylic piece that houses all the cooling components and handles coolant distribution inside the block. The brass top also servers the roll of cooling the DDC pump, and features a single fill port for filling up the waterblock and its associated loop.

Platform compatibility will include both AM4 and AM5 sockets from AMD. For Intel, EK says a LGA1700 version is coming out soon.

EKWB waterblocks

(Image credit: EKWB)

The next item is a new set of double-rotary offset fittings, including 21 mm and 28 mm variants. These fittings feature a rotary design on one of the ports, which can be optimal for installing tubing from odd angles. The double-rotary fittings can rotate a full 360 degrees if needed and has a clicking mechanism when adjusting the fittings at every 45 degree angle.

The fittings will come in six different finishes including nickel, black nickel, black, satin titanium, and gold.

Finally, EK showed off a first look at its upcoming RTX 3090 Ti waterblocks for both Founders Edition and select AIB partner models. The images shown are ones designed for the EVGA FTW3 and MSI Trio/Suprim RTX 3090 Ti variants. Both waterblocks feature active backplate cooling, and for the FTW3 variant, it includes a rear cut out for routing additional cabling into the computer chassis.

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  • neojack
    I thought Asetek sued anyone that would dare to make a CPU waterblock + pump combo ?
  • Eximo
    Presumably this one doesn't apply, probably because the pump isn't directly mounted to the inlet or something.

    Asetek's patent runs out in 2025, expect the water cooling market to be interesting after that point.

    Not the first product like this I have seen. Barrow has a whole line up that is similar and there were others like it in the past.