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Ever Wanted Seven Water-Cooled Graphics Cards In The Same Machine? EKWB Made It Possible

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EK Water Blocks released a set of five new EK-FC Terminal blocks. Two blocks are designed for single cards, and two blocks are for dual cards. EK also released a monster-sized terminal that bridges seven cards together.

Two Singles, Two Doubles

The two single slot terminal blocks are the EK-FC Terminal Direct and the EK-FC Terminal Angled. The direct terminal replaces the standard GPU block terminal that has threaded ports on the sides with a similar terminal that features threaded G1/4 ports on the top. The angled terminal features both ports installed on 45-degree recesses into the top of the terminal.

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EK Water Blocks also introduced a new configuration of dual card terminals. The EK-FC Terminal DUAL Parallel 1-Slot is designed to attach two single slot graphics cards together, with no additional space in between them. EKWB launched two versions of the EK-FC Terminal DUAL Parallel 1-Slot block. You can get it in solid black POM Acetal or as a clear version made of acrylic.

Seven? Seven

In addition to these four options, EK Water Blocks has released a monstrosity of a graphics card terminal. The EK-FC Terminal Hepta Semi Parallel couples seven single-slot graphics cards together. This sort of configuration isn’t really beneficial to many home users, but EKWB said that "customers running render farms or [who] use their systems for computational purposes are now able to liquid cool their system if they run seven graphics cards on a single motherboard."

EK-FC Terminal Direct$13.99
EK-FC Terminal Angled$17.99
EK-FC Terminal DUAL Parallel 1-Slot – Acetal$22.99
EK-FC Terminal DUAL Parallel 1-Slot – Plexi$29.49
EK-FC Terminal HEPTA Semi Parallel$55.99

The new EK-FC Terminal blocks are available today from the EK Webshop, and through the company’s various reseller partners.

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