EKWB's Velcro Straps Keep RGB Connectors... Connected

(Image credit: EKWB)

Whether you like it or not, the popularity of addressable RGB is on the rise. But, despite it being 2020, one thing that the hardware vendors can't seem to get right is the darn connector. It's just 3 or 4 pins plugging into a socket, with nothing securing them but the pressure on the pins -- and they come loose. A lot. 

Fortunately, EKWB has come up with a solution for this: a velcro strap with cutouts. They're called the EK-Loop CMS. 

(Image credit: EKWB)

I wish I could say I'm kidding, but I'm not. All these straps do are tie the connectors together to ensure they stay connected. That's not only good for when your rig is in-transit, but also for stationary systems, because the loose-connector problem really is that hopeless. 

Don't believe me? The Mirror Maze system I built a while back has a bucketload of RGB in it, and I reckon I had to re-open the rear panel at least half a dozen times to re-connect RGB connectors that came loose -- just from closing the system -- before all the lights actually stayed on (and.... they still come loose from time to time).

(Image credit: EKWB)

So until a better connector comes around, EKWB's EK-Loop CMS straps will have to do the job. Fortunately, they don't cost much at just $4.99 for a pack of six

But honestly, the fact that there is a need for a product like this is absurd.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • jpe1701
    It is a pain. My strips usually stay together fine, it's the rgb header on the motherboard that keeps slipping out for me so these won't help.