Latest 'Elite Dangerous: Horizons' Update Adds Multi-Crew, Character Customization

A new update is available today for Elite Dangerous: Horizons. “The Commanders” update finally lets you to customize the looks of your pilot, but more importantly, you can now operate a single ship with multiple players.

The multi-crew feature is designed for the game’s larger ships, which can accommodate 2-3 players, depending on its size. You can join private groups so that you can play with friends, or hop on with strangers and explore the galaxy. Once you join up, you can play as one of three roles.

The helm role will put you in charge of the ship’s overall controls and navigation, but if you want to just shoot the guns, you can play as the gunner. The fighter con position controls the ship-launched fighters. The gunner and fighter con pilots also have an additional power distributor point that they can allocate at will in order to help out with the ship’s weapons, systems, or engine.

Another new feature is the Holo-Me (character creation) system. With multiple settings and presets, you can customize your character’s appearance so that it stands out from the many other pilots exploring the galaxy. In addition to shaping your character’s face, you can also show off more flair with shoulder patches that display your rank or faction.

Even if you don’t own the Horizons expansion, the update still includes some new content. For instance, there’s a new camera suite that includes some new manipulation tools such as zoom, elevation, depth-of-field, and roll so that you can take the perfect shot of your ship and its surroundings. You can also further personalize your ship by giving it a name and attaching a name plate to the exterior.

Other new features include the asteroid bases as well as megaships, either of which you can use as a docking station. As always, the update also includes a plethora of fixes and improvements, which you can read on the game’s forums.

This latest update marks the final piece of new content that Frontier Developments promised to bring with Horizons. Past updates included the ability to ferry passengers throughout space, use ship-launched fighters, loot and craft items, and land on planets. More updates will come in the future, but fans now have even more to do as they continue to their journey across our massive galaxy.

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NameElite Dangerous: Horizons
TypeSci-fi, Space simulator
DeveloperFrontier Developments
PublisherFrontier Developments
Release DateDecember 16, 2015 (PC)June 3, 2016 (Xbox One)
PlatformsPC, Xbox One
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  • JimmiG
    Is it still a meaningless, soul crushing grind?
    Life is a grind if you look at it that way.. Elite can be whatever you want.
  • JakeWearingKhakis
    I played the original, had a blast. It got grindy, but without something to grind for you'd have nothing else to do. I haven't tried out ANY of the Horizons stuff, so I'm excited to buy it soon now that its all out and have tons of new things to do and get back into the game.