Elpida develops first 1 Gigabit DDR2-800 module

Tokyo - Semiconductor firm Elpida is first to demonstrate working silicon of a 1 Gigabit DDR2 SDRAM device at 800 Mbit per second (Mbps) operation. The DDR2-800 module will be offered based on "market demand", Elpida said.

The device sets a new speed record for DDR2 modules, surpassing the JEDEC DDR2-667 specification. According to Elpida, key to achieving smooth operation of 800 Mbps in a 1 Gbit density environment was the use of "high-performance transistors" with 100 nm process technology as well as an optimized layout design that reduces speed bottlenecks on the signal and data paths in the memory array and peripherals.

Initially, the memory will be targeted at "performance-driven markets" such as high-end server and workstation applications as well as the enthusiast market. Elpida however believes that the market "is not ready for such advanced products in applications today".

The company declined to comment on likely commercial availability of DDR2-800 devices. "Elpida has the ability to offer DDR2-800 devices based on market demand," the firm said in a statement.