Enermax Releases the Aeolus Vegas Cooling Pad

Enermax has launched the Aeolus Vegas (CP007), an aluminum cooling pad for laptops that features a wide-area steel mesh that supports notebooks of up to 17 inches and a "performance-capable Vortex frame" that generates "a strong air twirl which offers a more focused cooling to heated notebook parts." 

The Aeolus Vegas incorporates a 180 mm T.B. Vegas Quad cooling fan with 24 blue, green, red and white diodes and an integrated microchip that can generate four different light effects at the touch of a button (or turned off entirely). The fan is magnetically mounted to the pad which allows users to reposition it to better suit the requirements of their laptops.

Last but not least, the aluminum edges of the Vegas feature soft rubber shells to hold the cooler in position, absorb vibrations and provide a location to wind cables around and limit cable tangle.

The Enermax Aeolus Vegas is currently on sale in Europe at the fairly steep price of €44.90 including VAT ($60), and the company has announced that additional notebook coolers will be arriving in the coming months.

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  • patrick47018
    Bling Bling
  • Honis
    Magnetically attached PC fans. I think they'd on to something...
  • danwat1234
    Seeing that you can only plug in up to 100ma in USB devices, I assume the device itself takes at most 400ma or 2watts. How is that supposed to move any significant amount of air? It really should have a wall power option so it can take 5 watts or more so it could cool a gaming laptop significantly.