Enermax's New, Colorful, And Shiny Case Fans

Enermax went high-profile at Computex 2010, showcasing a blocky person made out of its new fans to attract visitors. We obliged, if only out of curiosity. 

Here are details on four fan models the Taiwanese component manufacturer plans to release by the end of the year, all carrying the "Vegas" moniker to highlight the line's flashy LED-driven styling.

Apollish Vegas

Obvious misspelling (or an attempt at clever branding) aside, the Apollish Vegas is quite the monochromatic fan. Provisions are available for fan speed control, and LED lighting. Users can alternate between constant, moving, or oscillating light patterns (seven total).

On display were red, green, and blue variants—with the fan case matching the light color—but the company rep also said silver and gold variants would be available.

The Apollish Vegas is already on sale in Japan, but the rest of the world will have to wait until the end of June as Enermax begins ramping up production. Available form factors will be 120 and 140 mm.

T.B. Vegas 3C and 2C

Unlike the Apollish, the T.B. series fan case is black. But the model will feature three different light colors (red, green, and blue), acting in unison or alternately, with the LED lights also under the direct control of the user. Fourteen patterns will be available, specifically those that use all three colors, a combination of two, or just one.

Enermax aims to release the T.B. Vegas 3C by October, with a supposed worst-case scenario of Novemeber 2010. Available form factors will be 120 mm-only.

Nearly identical to its 3C, the T.B. Vegas 2C displays only two colors compared to its more colorful counterpart. We only saw a red-blue combination at the booth. Enermax, however, plans to release this fan in a variety of form factors, with specific sizes of 80, 90, 120, and 140 millimeters respectively.

The T.B. Vegas 2C is also set for a release this October at the earliest, and November 2010 by the latest. 

Enermax's "USB Fan"

Also on display was a USB-powered case fan—but enclosed in a silicon sheath that has small magnets at the end. Apparently, the idea was to let users quickly apply a fan to the side of their metallic PC cases if they needed extra cooling. We're not sure, though, if using magnets so close to your hardware is a good idea. The rep assured us that they weren't strong enough to cause any damage.

Enermax's marketing folks haven't come up with a label, so we'll see if this so-called "USB fan" is safe for use when it his the market. Project release date is as same as the T.B. Vegas fans (October-November 2010).

Reflecting LEDs On Curved Blades

The common theme of these three colorful Enermax fans is the configuration of the LED lighting in relation to the blades. The lights line the ring surrounding the blades. The beams they produce then shine on the curved surfaces of the blades, with the intersection creating the colored lines. The configuration is apparently unique enough in the industry, as the marketing rep threw the word "patented" around.

As for prices, we've inquired with Enermax and are waiting for an email from the company. To those who want to figure out their build budgets for 2010, stay tuned for updates.

  • ern88
    Nice. Can't wait to get a hold of some of these.
  • treefrog07
    They look more interesting than most LED fans on the market. I'll be looking to see the CFMs and dBs.
  • RazberyBandit
    Other than the "Vegas" wording, the first two pics look like old pics of the original Apollish fans, which have been out for a year or so.

    While these fans look cool, their prices are absurd - $25 to $35 online! And forget about the rebate that's accompanied them on-and-off since last summer. It only applies to the purchase of a SINGLE fan! It's been a LONG time since PC cases only needed a single fan...
  • aaron686
    Nice fans, looks kinda cheap though.
  • requiemsallure
    i wish they would have given specs on these cfm and dba more specifically
  • tipoo
    The lights make it cool better.
  • Poisoner
    I still don't get why people would get a flashy fan or an LED fan. My computer is bright enough with the power LED.
  • brianmoz
    yeah led case fans are lame
  • Poisoner
    Honestly, why spend extra money on pretty case fans that you can't see in most cases or LED lights that don't make your computer any faster when you could spend it on more RAM or a better video card. Its like buying those big chrome rims for your car. It'd be better to spend that money under the hood.
  • gfair
    Next they'll be making fans that shine lasers onto the blades to make things like a clock that seems to hover in mid air, like those other clocks.