Help Asus Come Up With Better Names!

So you've come up with a case with a design "inspired from (sic) ancient and modern armor of both Eastern and Western cultures". What do you call it? Definitely not the CG Series or the CG8490. Especially not if your case looks like hernia-inducing behemoth with curved lines and a matte black finish!

On another front: "Immensity"—a real word by the way—is definitely not the name you should give your "concept motherboard". Why make people think your motherboard will take up the entire room? Motherboards, concept or not, aren't supposed to be "immense". A different adjective might work here, so long as it has nothing to do with large size. And why not try a little word play while you're at it? It worked for Flickr and Google (a misspelling of googol).

Dear readers, think you could help Asus out? Come up with better names for Asus' new gaming PC case and concept motherboard, and you'll get... a pat on the back from us. We can't exactly offer prizes from the Taiwanese multinational, as we're making fun of the company's name-foolery.

  • Lunarion
    How does "overpriced" sound?
  • boogalooelectric
    The case should be called the Fugly. On a serious note I think a good name would be the Optimus because it kind of looks like Optimus Primes head.

    The mother board could be called the Sink, because it has everything but the kitchen sink.

    Although I will say that I have not had good luck with ASUS mobo's over the years, every one i have tried died in about a year.
  • sublifer
    Case: Plate Armor series: "Full Plate, Mid Plate, Half Plate, etc..."
  • razor512
    Do what apple and ubuntu does and add some kind of animal name in there.

    How about Evil Bunny?
  • mancream
    Astros or my name
  • hot74rod2003
    looks like a desepticon and autobot hybrid,lol
  • polly the parrot
    Looks a lot like the Alienware Area-51 chassis...

    but why don't they call it "Pegasus Tank", since Asus is formed from the last 4 letters of Pegasus/Pegasus sounds futuristic, and the case looks armored like a tank. Other than that I agree with sublifer.
  • sirmorluk
  • daworstplaya
    I do have to admit ASUS has the WORST naming convention for their products out of all the manufacturers. Just look at their Laptop/notebook names and letters attached to them, it's almost dizzying.
  • razor512
    Some more names

    Leaning tower of fail (LTOF)
    Great wall of bulls**t
    money pit
    Inefficient one

    Also whats with those plastic fins in the back they seem annoying and may get in the way.