Modular MorphaX Mouse From Epic Gear Is Ready

In the midst of Epic Gear’s epic CES eye-candy tour, there was a mouse.

Back at Computex, we saw a prototype of Epic Gear’s “Morpha” mouse; it was modular in virtually every way, and now it’s a real product with the (slightly altered) name “MorphaX.”

Taking the modular switch concept it first deployed on its Defiant keyboard, Epic Gear’s MorphaX lets you swap out the left/right button switches and even change whether you use a laser sensor or an optical one. You can also adjust the weight of the mouse, and it’s ambidextrous, too.

Different Switch And Sensor Options

The primary differences between what we saw at Computex this summer and the final MorphaX are that there’s a new version of the switches--called “EG MSS (Modular Switch Structure)”--and the colors of the mouse chassis are different. For the switches, instead of gray (lightest), orange (medium), and purple (heaviest), Epic Gear dropped the gray; you can choose between EG Orange (Medium) or EG Purple (Pro). Both are made by Omron. The exterior of the mouse is now gray or white with red accents, as opposed to the black-and-red prototype design.

You can also swap out what Epic Gear calls the EG MSC (Modular Sensor Cartridge). Basically, you get two sensor modules with the MorphaX: a 12,000 DPI IR LED sensor version and an 8,200 DPI laser model. It’s quite a simple matter to remove one and pop in the other.

Lifting Weights

In addition to the above, you can further adjust the MorphaX to your liking with its removable weights. Empty, the MorphaX weighs 110g, which is fairly middle-of-the-road, but it comes with four 5g weights, so you can load up the mouse to 115g, 120g, 125g, or 130g.

All of these switches and modules and doodads take up space and require you to keep track of them, which is a task that for most of us ranges from annoying to impossible, so Epic Gear offers a metal box to keep everything together. It doesn’t appear to offer much in the way of organization--we believe it’s meant primarily to be attractive packaging more that a useful carrying case--but it’s still optimal to have somewhere to put all the loose items.

Software And Specs

A customizable mouse without configuration software would (or at least should) be a crime, so the MorphaX is paired with software that lets you change a variety of settings, including big ones like assigning buttons, changing DPI, and creating and managing profiles, as well as more minor options such as snapping, lift-off distance, USB report rate, and so on.

The MorphaX has RGB LEDs, so although the company did not specify whether or not you can configure the lighting via the software, we would be shocked if you couldn’t.

Based on the fact that you can choose between two different switch types, two different sensor types, a range of weights, and the standard spate of configuration options via software, you could make the argument that the MorphaX is the most customizable mouse out there. The only thing Epic Gear could do to add additional flexibility is offering shells with different shapes, as the James Donkey 007 mouse does. In fact, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Epic Gear move in that direction. It already offers different shell colors, and representatives at the CES suite indicated that it would be quite easy to take orders for custom shells. These would have the same shape, but if demand picks up, it would make sense for Epic Gear to try different shapes for different hands, too.

The MorphaX will cost $130 when it debuts in February 2017. You'll be able to snag it from Amazon.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Epic Gear MorphaX Gaming Mouse
Sensor/DPI-12,000 DPI IR LED-8,200 DPI laser
SwitchesOmron-EG Orange (medium)-EG Purple (pro [heavier])
Onboard StorageUnknown, but likely
Polling Rate125-1,000Hz
Lighting RGB
Buttons7 total, 6 programmable-L/R click-DPI buttons x2-Left side nav buttons x2-Click wheel
Cable1.8m x-braided with gold connector
Dimensions126.5 x 66.5 x 40mm
Weight110g w/o cable or weights, includes four removable 5g weights (total weight 130g)
Misc.-”Ultra swift” large PTFE feet-5 gaming profiles with dedicated LED color assignments-Lock-down function-AFM ambient lighting mode-Adjustable lift-off distance (w/ auto calibration) and angle snapping
Warranty2 yrs
Price$130, Feb 2017

Update, 1/11/17, 9:50am: Added pricing information.