EVGA’s CLC 120/280 Liquid Coolers Arrive With New Company-Branded Fans

EVGA announced two new closed-loop CPU liquid coolers, which come in 120mm and 240mm radiator varieties with both featuring new company-branded fans.

The EVGA CLC 120 and 280 liquid coolers aren’t the anticipated modular cooling components the company teased at CES, but they do feature the same redesigned fans that we saw attached to the yet-to-be-released radiators. The new fans feature a curved housing and fan blades that are designed to reduce noise levels and improve cooling performance, and Teflon Nano Bearings offer an increased lifespan. The fans reach speeds up to 2,200RPM and can push 113.5CFM with a static pressure of 4.2mmAq. The CLC 120 comes with one 120mm fan, whereas the CLC 280 comes with two 140mm fans.

The all-copper CPU block can be mounted on Intel LGA 2011/1150/1151/1155/1156/1356 and AMD AM2, AM3, FM1, and FM2 motherboards, in addition to upcoming variants (including AM4--EVGA said that a free bracket would be coming soon). The braided tubing gives it a sleek look, and the new coolers also sport RGB LED lighting on the CPU blocks that can interface with select EVGA graphics cards (mostly FTW models that feature RGB LED lights) to synchronize the RGB lighting effects. The profiles save to the firmware, so you can set it and forget it.

Additionally, the new liquid coolers support EVGA’s upcoming Flow Control Software. Although not many details are known about the new app, it appears to be similar to EVGA’s Precision X GPU overclocking and monitoring software in both design and functionality, with the capability to alter the pump and fan speeds, and monitor CPU and coolant temperatures.

The new EVGA CLC 120 and CLC 280 liquid coolers are available now from the company’s website for $90 and $130, respectively.

Derek Forrest
Derek Forrest is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He writes hardware news and reviews gaming desktops and laptops.
  • damric
    The scoops on the sides of the fan shrouds look like they will cause pressure loss.
  • JackNaylorPE
    Just what we need another CLC from somebody who doesn't make it. The FPI from the pics looks rather Hi
  • anbello262
    19240435 said:
    Just what we need another CLC from somebody who doesn't make it. The FPI from the pics looks rather Hi

    Well, the one made by Arctic (Freezer 240) ended up being one of the best, almost worthy of Tom's Elite if it wasn't for the size/clearance, so I don't really see anything wrong with CLCs made by companies that don't make them.
    The high FPI gives me some hope in this.