EVGA Introduces The G1+ PSU Line

EVGA launched the SuperNOVA G1 line in 2013 and kept it in production till now, making it one of the longest-lasting PSU lines. (The OEM of the G1 PSUs was FSP, and because we unfortunately never had the chance to review one of those units, we cannot comment on their performance and build quality.) Now, EVGA has a successor to the G1 line--the "G1+"--with capacities ranging from 650W to 1kW.

At a glance, the main differences between the G1 and the new G1+ units are the following:

  • Smaller dimensions (180mm length for the 1000/850 G1+ vs. 200mm of the 1000 G1 and 170mm length for the 750/650 G1+ vs. 180mm length of the 750/650 G1)
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fan for the G1+ units vs. a Double-Ball Bearing (DBB) for the G1 models
  • Different platform (but there is no information on the OEM of the new G1+ units)
  • Notably higher performance and lower noise output in the G1+ units, according to EVGA's claims

Our comments on the above differences have to do mostly with the fan selection. Surely an FDB fan makes less noise compared to a similar spec DBB fan, but it isn't more reliable, especially under tough operating conditions where DBB fans can be matched in reliability only by fans that use magnetic bearings. FDB fans are currently so popular because users need more silent system components, and double-ball bearings can indeed be quite noisy, especially under very low speeds.

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EVGA G1+ Series Features & Specs
P/N120-GP-1000, 120-GP-0850, 120-GP-0750, 120-GP-0650
M/N1000/850/750/650 G1+
OEMNo Info
Capacities (W)1000, 850, 750, 650
Efficiency80 PLUS Gold
NoiseNo Cybenetics Rating
ModularYes (Fully)
Intel Haswell ReadyYes
Operating temperature0°C - 50°C
ProtectionsOver Voltage Protection Under Voltage Protection Over Power Protection Over Current Protection (minor rails) Over Temperature Protection Short Circuit Protection
Cooling135 mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Semi-Passive ModeNo
Dimensions1000/850 G1+: 150 mm (W) x 86 mm (H) x 180 mm (D) 750/650 G1+: 150 mm (W) x 86 mm (H) x 170 mm (D)
ComplianceATX12V v2.4, EPS 2.92
EPS Connectors1000/850/750/650 G1+: 2x
PCIe Connectors1000 G1+: 6+2pin x 8 850 G1+: 6+2pin x 6 750/650 G1+: 6+2pin x 4
SATA Connectors1000 G1+: 12x 850/750/650 G1+: 9x
4-Pin Molex Connectors1000/850/750/650 G1+: 6x
+12V Max Power1000 G1+: 996W 850 G1+: 849.6W 750 G1+: 748.8W 650 G1+: 648W
5V & 3.3V Max Power1000/850/750/650 G1+: 120W
Warranty10 years
Price1000 G1+: $189.99 850 G1+: $149.99 750 G1+: $119.99 650 G1+: $109.99

All G1+ PSUs are already listed on popular online stores, and their prices look to be on par with the older G1 units. We did notice a significant price difference between the 750W, 850W, and 1000W models, which looks strange given that the 650W and 750W units are only $10 away. It's likely that EVGA believes the increased numbers of PCIe connectors will be enough to convince users to pay the $30 difference between the 750W, 850W, and 1kW models.

A strong point of all G1+ units is the couple of EPS connectors, which renders them compatible with all high-end mainboards, including those that support AMD's Threadripper CPUs. Moreover, there are plenty of SATA and 4-pin Molex connectors on all members of this line. The warranty is kept at the same high levels as the G1 units. Unfortunately, EVGA hasn't revealed any information on the OEM of the G1+ models; without one in-house, we wouldn't hazard a guess who that might be.

Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • Gam3r01
    Im not sure about that naming scheme.
  • superninja12
    Ridiciculous name, is fsp again the OEM?
  • WildCard999
    Currently for the price of the 650W G1 you could get the G2 or G3 which I'm pretty sure are superior products.
  • buzznut47
    I have owned several of the G1 units, one of which (Supernova 750G) I have RMA'd 3 times and still keep having the same issue--zero stability in windows. I have also noted odd voltage output on the 5V and 12V rails.
    There is plenty of anecdotal evidence of the reliability and performance of the G1 line. I do have an EVGA 1050G that has performed admirably, so it may be model specific. However I believe many folks are aware of the issues and steer clear of the G1 line.

    So yes, there are a number of fine units from EVGA based on Leadex platform that are priced affordably. I can recommend any of the Supernova units that are Superflower OEM. I would want to know the OEM provider on these G+ power supplies.
  • lun471k
    THe naming scheme pushes for confusion and purchase mistakes. I wonder how the G1+ lineup compares to the G2/G3 renowned quality and performance ?