Fit All Of Your Oversized Power Adapters In Tributaries New Strip

Orlando (FL) - Tributaries just introduced its T12 power strip which promises to solve a common tech problem of "I can't fit all my power adapters on one strip." While we usually forward the press releases into a virtual recycle bin, this product caught our attention as it finally solves some of headaches we experience on daily basis.

If your home theater or a computer environment is suffering from a large number of different adapters that look to be designed just to torture you, T12 just might do the trick. This power-strip brings 12 outlets, but eight of them are located at sides, and yes - they can be rotated by up to 90 degrees. Regardless of how your cellphone/computer/consumer electronic manufacturer(s) designed their power adapter, you can finally fit up to 12 adapters.

All 12 outlets are protected against power spikes, with manufacturer claiming that it will filter 4320 joules worth of power surges. It will also protect signals coming through regular phone connection (RJ-11), DSL or Cable (RJ-45) and cable, antenna or satellite signals (Coax). Only headache that remains is the price, since this product will set you back for $120.