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First Fully Functional Flexible Memory Unveiled

According to a press release, a research team was able to integrate a memristor, which is considered to be a possible material for next-generation memory elements, with a high-performance single-crystal silicon transistor on flexible substrates. The result was a fully functional memory that enabled writing, reading and erasing of data.

The scientists said that their discovery showed for the first time that transistors built on plastic substrates can achieve a performance level that is good enough to be considered for computer memory devices. Keon Jae Lee from KAIST's Department of Materials Science and Engineering, said that the "result represents an exciting technology with the strong potential to realize all flexible electronic systems for the development of a freely bendable and attachable computer in the near future."

There was no information about the performance of the memory or the manufacturing of the device. The research was published in the October issue of Nana Letters ACS.