Ubisoft Reveals 'For Honor' Season Pass, Post-Launch Content

Ubisoft’s For Honor is just around the corner, but the developers just revealed the contents of the game’s Season Pass as well as upcoming plans for free updates.

Each batch of content will come out at the start of each new season of the War of the Factions metagame, so expect new treats every three months. As far as free content is concerned, Ubisoft Montreal will provide new game modes, maps, weapons, and armor. Two of the upcoming game modes are Tournament and Ranked online gameplay, which should make competitive gameplay even more intense.

As for the Season Pass, its individual price is unknown, but it does come with the Gold Edition of the game, which will cost you $99.99. With it comes six additional heroes, although they come in packs of two with each new season. You can try out these heroes one week before the rest of the public can play with them. If you don’t have the season pass, you can pay for them with Steel, the in-game currency, which you earn by completing matches and challenges.

Additional Season Pass content includes cosmetic items such as elite outfits, a sunbeam effect on player emotes, and exclusive emblem outlines. You can also get a head start on collecting gear with three scavenger crates. For rapid ascension through the game’s ranks, you’ll also have “Champion Status” for 30 days, which will provide you and your friends with a boost in experience points.

If you’re still on the fence about the game, you can try it before release in an open beta event scheduled February 9-12, but make sure your PC meets the hardware requirements.

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NameFor Honor
TypeAction, Melee, Third-Person
DeveloperUbisoft Montreal
PlatformsPC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Release DateFebruary 14, 2017
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