Fractal Design Intros Semi-Modular Edison M PSUs

Fractal Design has been pushing hard to gain some space in the PSU market, and the company's new Edison M series of PSUs clearly shows that. The PSUs aren't built to be the most high-power units, but rather excellent all-round power supplies that suit most users.

The Edison M series of PSUs are partially modular, meaning that they come with modular cables. The most essential cables, such as the 24-pin ATX cable, are attached permanently, while the PCI-Express and SATA power cables are removable.

It's worth noting that the PSU was designed for cases that draw the air from underneath the case, which shows as the cable connectors are placed in the ideal locations for such a build. The fan is a 120 mm unit with FDB bearings, and naturally, it's temperature controlled.

Fractal Design has built the PSUs in four different wattages: 450 W, 550 W, 650 W and 750 W. They also come with all the safety mechanisms we've come to expect from modern-day power supplies, and they carry 80-Plus Gold certification. Of course, Fractal Design has also approved the PSUs for use with Intel Haswell processors.

Fractal Design priced the units at $84.99 for the 450 W model, $94.99 for the 550 W model, $104.99 for the 650 W version, and $119.99 for the top-spec 750 W unit.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • sykozis
    Whoever set those prices, is nuts. $85 for a 450watt PSU? $120 for a 750watt PSU? And here I thought $65 for my 620watt Seasonic was a bit high.....
  • ko888
    The Edison M series models use Seasonic as their OEM. Looks like they're based on the Seasonic G-Series platform. Same price as the equivalent Seasonic G-Series models