FSP Launches Power Supplies With New 12V-2x6 Connector

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PCI SIG still has not formally finalized its 12V-2x6 auxiliary PCIe power connector, which is a revamped version 12VHPWR connector that promises to solve the melting connector issue, but FSP has already introduced its first power supplies with 12V-2x6 plugs at a press conference in South Korea, reports Quasarzone (via @harukaze5719). The company also revealed more information about the new power connector.

FSP plans to offer three different power supplies with 12V-2×6 auxiliary auxiliary PCIe power connectors: the ultra-high-end Hydro PTM X Pro ATX 3.0 12V-2×6, the midrange Hydro G Pro 1200W ATX 3.0 12V-2×6, and compact Dagger Pro ATX 3.0 12V-2×6 for Mini-ITX builds.

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There are several visual distinctions between the original 12VHPWR connector and the updated 12V-2×6 plug:

  • The port is now marked as 12V-2×6;
  • Increased depth of the power terminal (from 4.2 mm to 4.45 mm);
  • Increased opening of the sideband pin array (from 1.6 mm × 9.3 mm to 1.70 mm × 9.4 mm);
  • Reduced sense pin length (from 4 mm to 2.5 mm). This design guarantees that the power header is completely engaged with the connector because if it is not, the power supply refrains from entering high power modes, preventing potential overheating and melting when a graphics card demands significant power.

When PCI SIG revamped the ill-fated 12VHPWR connector, it needed to address its main drawback: fixing force, which it reportedly did. But it also altered other specifications, according to the report that cites FSP, to avoid the 12VHPWR fiasco. As a result, the new specification mandates:

  • A current rating of at least 9.2A per pin, with all 12 contacts activated and a temperature rise limit of 30°C above ambient at 12V DC. Connectors complying with this must carry an embossed H mark.
  • While a single pin might carry a current of 9.2A or more due to contact resistance variations, the total assembly current shouldn't surpass 55A RMS in either direction.
  • 16 AWG wires and pins should adhere to the stated current and temperature rise limits.
  • The connector must withstand a pulling force of at least 45.00N.

As a result, a firmware update will be needed for the hardware to work with the new connectors properly. FSP plans to launch the new PSUs with 12V-2×6 auxiliary PCIe power connectors in mid-October, according to Quasarzone, but the pricing of the new units is unknown.

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