RTX-Spensive! Galax 3090 HOF Will Top Out at $4,000

Galax GeForce RTX 3090 HOF Limited Edition
(Image credit: Galax)

The Galax RTX 3090 HOF (Hall of Fame) is a super-built graphics card designed for hitting the highest frequencies possible on Ampere. However, with that super over-engineered piece of machinery comes a super high MSRP: E-tailer MWave has released pricing for its stock of RTX 3090 HOF cards, and the lineup starts at just over $3,007 USD (AUD 3800) and tops out at $3,999 USD (AUD 4,499).

The three models listed on MWave's site are global variants of the RTX 3090 HOF (not the Chinese exclusives): The vanilla HOF, HOF Limited Edition, and HOF Premium. We don't know the differences between the three; all we know is the premium and vanilla HOF models feature identical boost frequencies of 1815 MHz. Meanwhile, the Limited Edition SKU increases its boost clock to 1875 MHz.  

For pricing, the RTX 3090 HOF starts at AUD 3,899, the HOF Premium lands at AUD 3,999, and HOF Limited Edition SKU lands at a whopping $4,499. Converting directly to USD would be $3,007 for the HOF, $3,470 for the HOF Limited Edition, and $3,999 for the HOF Premium.

But keep in mind that this is a direct conversion, so it's a very rough estimate of what these cards might cost in the United States. Things like tariffs and taxes can significantly change graphics card prices once they reach your closest retailer. Presumably, these cards will be much cheaper in the United States.

Nevertheless, these crazy prices for the RTX 3090 HOF lineup will make them the most expensive 3090s on the market, even ahead of the RTX 3090 Kingpin (which costs AUD 3399). But you should never expect a good deal with a HOF card in the first place. The Hall of Fame graphics cards are optimized towards high-end overclockers and go all out with the best components you can put in a GPU. 

Aaron Klotz
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Aaron Klotz is a freelance writer for Tom’s Hardware US, covering news topics related to computer hardware such as CPUs, and graphics cards.

  • RareAir23
    I'm just going to say this here: $4000 for that video card? That's way out of my price range. Probably out of a lot of people's price range just as MSRP. I don't even want to fathom how much bot-wielding scalpers will hike the price of this card. That is just too...yikes! Out!
  • bigdragon
    I don't understand why there are 3 different variations of this monstrosity. There are entirely way too many variations on the same GPU. That goes for all the GPU products on the market right now including this one, obviously. GPU vendors need to stop it with these stupid variations and designs and streamline until the supply issues are sorted.

    Off topic: A friend told me Best Buy was releasing stock of GPUs at MSRP this morning. I wasted a good hour refreshing, waiting, and then adding to cart without actually being able to checkout with anything AGAIN. I need to send Nvidia a bill for the amount of time wasted just trying to buy their product. Best Buy, Asus Store, Zotac Store, Amazon...same story -- can't checkout fast enough with a product.
  • kristoffe
    this is beyond ridiculous. why not just throw money in the trash?
  • warezme
    It's not even good looking, just tacky as heck. Hard pass crack pipe.
  • Phaaze88
    This card is for a very specific customer.
    If anything, I wonder why Galax and EVGA even bother producing cards like these with a shroud and fans. The right customer is going to put a LN2 pot on it anyway.
  • LolaGT
    This card is for a very specific customer.

    Yes, back in my day we called them suckers.
  • jabliese
    Your conversion is off. If 3007 USD = 3800 AUD, 3999 USD should be closer to 5038 AUD
  • Madkog
    Still cheaper than a new car.

    Status is what this is about.
  • Jim90
    Hmmm, yes indeed. A card is for a very 'special' kind of customer.
  • coxbw
    kristoffe said:
    this is beyond ridiculous. why not just throw money in the trash?
    or send to me