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Galaxy Note 3 to Arrive October 1 Priced at $300

Samsung kicked off IFA announcements with the unveiling of its Galaxy Note 3. The company said the device would be available around the world starting September 25. However, it didn't get specific with release dates for individual markets. Luckily, individual carriers are a little less secretive.


AT&T is planning to ship the phone on October 1, while T-Mobile is shipping the Note 3 one day later, on October 2. T-Mobile is charging $199.99 up front based on a two-year agreement with $21 monthly payments. AT&T is charging $299 on contract (again, two years), or $725 outright. Verizon is promising shipping by October 10 with the same on-contract/off-contract pricing as AT&T, while Sprint has yet to talk pricing and availability.

The Galaxy Note 3 packs a 5.7-inch full HD Super AMOLED display, a slimmer (8.3mm) and lighter (168g) hardware design compared to the Note 2, and more powerful and longer lasting (3,200mAh) battery. Processor of choice depends on either LTE or 3G markets. The LTE market gets quad core running at 2.3 GHz while the 3G variant will have an octa core (A15 1.9 GHz + A7 1.3 GHz). The camera is a 13-megapixel affair with stabilization and high CRI LED flash. Matching the Note 3's bigger size is the increase of RAM up to 3 GB. The Note 3 will come in Jet Black, Classic White and Blush Pink, plus a myriad of color accessory options.

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  • cars12345
    I have been waiting for this phablet forever. I need a huge screen size with fast hardware. Thanks for the news!
  • Leecobhome Lee
    I have a Note 2 in a folding case that includes pockets for cash and cards, so it replaces a wallet. Strangers are always amazed when I take it out, and ask what it is so they can buy one. Young people, or older people who are short-sighted (like me) or use reading glasses can use it to fully replace a tablet. I don't use the S-pen for writing or anything fancy, but find the S-pen much more ergonomic than a finger for typing and cut-and-pasting. Even though the Note 3 is slightly lighter, thinner, faster, and has better multi-tasking the Note 2 is already more than functional in these respects. The main practical advantage of the Note 3 is the higher screen resolution, although this is mainly bragging rights against the i-empire and at this screen size I suspect that most people won't notice much difference from the Note 2. In summary, it is an incremental upgrade on a product that is already superbly functional.
  • soldier44
    Already figured this would be the case on AT&T. Will be a nice upgrade from my Note 1. Still disappointed they didn't perfect the flexable screen tech for it though.
  • redeemer
    Xperia Z1>Note 3
  • redeemerTheIsheep
    redeemer , September 7, 2013 5:01 PM
    Xperia Z1>Note 3

    We all know you are a iSheep who hates Samsung. Guess what, no amount of whining or lying will ever bring Apple back. They are on their way down and will NEVER ever dominate the smartphone world EVER again.
  • deftonian
    I, for one, will be selling my Note II to get this Note 3. After being in the 5.5" market for a year with my Note II, I can't see going smaller again. My girl's S4 even seems small to me now and that's a 5" screen. I use my Note II for so many things, it's crazy. At the gym, Note II for netflix while I'm running, Music streaming while I'm working out, Music streaming while I'm in the car driving, games while lying in bed before bed. The list goes on and I just can't see doing these things with a smaller screen. And I never forget it because it's my phone, I carry that around more than my wallet. I'm ready for the faster processor, the higher resolution, the more RAM.
  • greghome
    Longer Battery Life?
    Beat the 4000maH I have on my Lenovo :P
    and we'll have a deal
  • fulle
    The LG G2 and the Sony Xperia Z1 are the primary Android competitors to the Note 3.... Someone mentions the Z1 and is accused of being an isheep.... I swear, the trolls are getting dumber.
  • juuh
    11497740 said:
    Xperia Z1>Note 3
    I was going to buy Z1 until they revealed that it has non-removable / non-replaceable battery.
    I plan on using my phone at least 2 years...
    So Note 3 > z1
  • SuperGamerBoy
    Maybe its time to upgrade from my S3. Was previously thinking of upgrading with the S5 but might as well upgrade now. What do you guys think?