GeForce Experience Beta Updated With New Features To Get Streamers Excited

Nvidia released a new version of the GeForce Experience beta today with new features for game streamers such as custom overlays, a viewer counter, and the ability to snap and upload screenshots from within your game.

In-game screenshots aren’t a new thing for gamers, but GeForce Experience has so far only supported video recording. It has now been updated to included screenshots in the same way. The software has been able to interface with Twitch and YouTube for some time, and now it has the ability to log directly into your Imgur account to upload your screenshots while you continue to play.

Nvidia said images can be uploaded as they were snapped, or you can access some basic editing options within the share overlay before posting the captures online. The company said there is an auto adjust option that will automatically apply brightness, contrast and digital vibrancy adjustments. You can also choose to make these changes manually in addition to cropping the image, all while still in the game.

Along with the screenshot features, Nvidia said it has included a gallery where you can review the screenshots you’ve taken after the game is closed. From here, the company said you can see recently uploaded images and copy their address to easily share the link with friends.

In addition to bringing screenshots to GeForce Experience, Nvidia added new features for streamers, as well. You can now set up a viewer counter to let you know how many people are watching your game at any given time. The company said this feature works with both YouTube Live and Twitch streaming.

Nvidia also added the ability to create custom overlays for your broadcast. You can create a transparent PNG-24 file that can be inserted into the stream over your gameplay. The company even created template files designed for 1080p screens showing the sizes needed for different camera overlay sizes to make it as simple as possible to get started.

Nvidia said it made over a dozen other changes to GeForce Experience in this beta, but it singled out one more change: Twitch users can now optimize their upload stream by selecting the Twitch server nearest to them. The company said this option is called “ingest server” and can be found in the Share section of preferences.

You can download the GeForce Experience beta from or update directly through the application’s update utility. The beta is an opt-in option within the application preferences.

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  • jaber2
    I use their cards, I will download and try out beta and see how it compares to others
  • dstarr3
    Oh, good. Finally some screenshot integration. I hate running four programs when one should be able to do it all. And now we're getting closer!
  • clonazepam
    I hope those screenshots dont get uploaded directly to usersub