Get a Free Fortnite Skin With a New Intel-Powered PC

Fortnite Splash Squadron Set
(Image credit: Epic Games)

If you're Team Blue, a Fortnite player or both, here's a deal that'll make you smile. Epic Games announced (opens in new tab) Wednesday that it partnered with Intel to offer the "Splash Squadron Set" skin in Fortnite for free if you purchase a modern Intel-powered PC or laptop running Windows 10.

The Fortnite Splash Squadron Set skin features a two-toned blue hoodie, ax and glider, all accented by white triangles. 

In order to enter, you'll need a qualifying device. Check the Intel Hardware Scanning Tool (opens in new tab) website to see which of Intel's best CPUs qualify for the free Fortnite skin. Nearly all 9th, 10th and 11th Gen Intel Core processors will qualify.

How to Get the Fortnite Splash Squadron Set for Free

If you have a system that qualifies, here's how to redeem your skin:

1. Go to: (opens in new tab).
2. Sign-in or create an Intel Digital Hub account.
3. Once your account is activated, log in and click Redeem Offer.
4. Select No for “Do you have a Master Key?” and select Not Listed for your retailer. 
5. Follow the steps to scan your CPU to verify that your device qualifies (opens in new tab) for the offer.
6. If your device is verified as an eligible Intel processor, the promotion will be added to your dashboard for redemption.
7. Agree to Intel’s Terms and Conditions and complete a short survey.
8. Select "Fortnite: and follow on-screen instructions. 
9. You will need to log into or sign up for an Epic Games account.
10. Once you have redeemed the offer, the Splash Squadron Set will be added to your Epic account and will be available in-game. 

You must claim your skin by March 31 or your qualification will expire.

Epic Games noted that it's expecting "higher-than-normal volumes of new users," so you might have to deal with extended waiting times. It could take "in excess of 72 hours" to get your verification email. Check out Intel's FAQ (opens in new tab) page for the current estimated wait time.

Aaron Klotz
Freelance News Writer

Aaron Klotz is a freelance writer for Tom’s Hardware US, covering news topics related to computer hardware such as CPUs, and graphics cards.

  • richardvday
    Wow intel can not compete so they resort to this....
    Why doesn't it surprise me ?
  • nitrium
    Wow. Intel should be PAYING people to wear Intel exclusive skins. Surely no-one seriously bought an Intel CPU just to wear an Intel advertisement in a video game? Surely?
  • mdd1963
    a free 'skin', huh?


    Who could resist this offer!!!? :/
  • Mandark
  • digitalgriffin
    You know every company has their "Poor Volta" moment.

    Welcome to the viral marketing "fail club" Intel.
  • hotaru251
    for the low low cost of
    i dont know what intels gonna do if their upcoming new gen are a flop (i mean amd beats em on desktop, consoles dont use em, and apples getting on laptops)
  • thepersonwithaface45
    not sure what the big deal is, the processor is what you buy the product for.
  • mdd1963
    Underneath the Intel logo, they could put in a big, '95% as fast as a Ryzen 5700X!'