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Gigabyte Demonstrates 4K on Intel HD4000 via Dual Thunderbolt

4K (or Ultra HD) is all the rage at this year's CES, but it's not just for high end televisions. We stopped by Gigabyte's suite to check out the GA-Z77X-UP5 TH motherboard. Hasn't this motherboard been available since summer of 2012, you ask? Yes, but it has learned a new trick: outputting a 4K video signal.

Thanks to a new Intel driver feature called Collage, Gigabyte was able to demonstrate 4K video output from the Intel HD4000 integrated graphics. This was made possible through the dual Thunderbolt outputs that were further split through a pair of multi-monitor dongles connected to four 1920x1200 monitors. The four displays combined created an overall resolution of 3840x2400.

This new feature will be available in a driver update that should be available at the end of January for both the UP5 and UP4.

While even more extreme resolutions are possible through other discrete graphics options, this is a first for the Intel HD4000 and could prove to be an attractive alternative for those seeking a more energy efficient solution.

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Marcus Yam
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