Gigabyte Showcases Tiny Aorus Graphics Dock At PAX East

Gigabyte was out in force at Pax East, showcasing its gaming chops with Aorus-branded desktops and laptops. However, the PCs weren’t the only tasty technological treat Gigabyte displayed: The company quietly revealed an Aorus external graphics dock with a GTX 1070 inside.

The new Aorus GTX 1070 Thunderbolt External Graphics Box runs over a single Thunderbolt 3 connection, and it’s a complete departure from the Gigabyte GPU dock we saw last year at CES. Gone is the tall, upright, handled, awkward chassis; it’s been replaced with a small, sleek, and impressively light case. The new External Graphics Box will also ship with a Gigabyte GTX 1070 mini GPU already inside, and the dock itself is only slightly larger than the graphics card.

Furthermore, the weak 250W power supply from the previous iteration has been replaced with a more powerful 450W PSU, which is plenty of juice for even the most top-end graphics cards (assuming they can fit inside the tiny dock). The new dock also features two USB 3.0 ports and RGB LED lighting.

Pricing and availability for the Aorus GTX 1070 External Graphics Box is unknown, as this new device hasn’t seen the light of day until now. However, judging by the fact that it was running a demo in complete working order, it may not be long until we see it hit the market.

Derek Forrest
Derek Forrest is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He writes hardware news and reviews gaming desktops and laptops.
  • WhyAreYou
    I'd say it looks pretty cool
  • Richard_219
    Are they going to do an empty one? Zotac makes a mini 1080.
  • jpishgar
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