Gigabyte Releases BIOS Update To Squash Intel Skylake Bug

Three days after ASRock updated the BIOS on its motherboards to squash a serious bug on Intel’s sixth generation (Skylake) processors, Gigabyte came out with its own BIOS update to remove the same bug that froze or crashed computers during complex workloads.

The problem was discovered with Prime95, a program that stress tests the CPU to solve complex prime number equations. However, the bug isn’t just limited to Prime95, as it could also affect other applications used for scientific and financial purposes.

Intel wants to nip the problem in the bud before it affects even more users, and it’s working with OEMs to get a fix out as fast possible. As it turns out, Gigabyte was one of the first companies to get the fix.

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  • Gam3r01
    No fire this time around?
    Step up your game Gigabyte.

    Jokes aside, glad to see another manufacturer has updated their platform.
  • Ronnie Dean Davidson
    Aren't you going to tell us just what the "fix" does?
    I $255 a pop (for the i5-6600) does the fix disable something were paying for?
    If so...then drop the prices of these CPU to make up for it...if not...then tell us how it fixes the problem!
  • notsoswift1
    SO when is ASUS releasing the fix?