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G.Skill Beats Itself With 3200 MHz Ripjaws V 128 GB DDR4 Memory Kit

On January 11, G.Skill announced a 128 GB DDR4 memory kit that runs at 3000 MHz with some pretty nifty timings, and although Corsair came close to making a faster kit, it didn’t quite make it. Today, without having been beaten yet, G.Skill announced an even faster Ripjaws V 128 GB kit. This one runs at a rather respectable 3200 MHz.

The kit comes with eight 16 GB modules and is designed for the X99 platform. Naturally, G.Skill included support for an Intel XMP2.0 profile, which makes setting up the modules a snap.

At 1.35 V (the upper limit of the DDR4 specification), the kit can run at timings of CL14-14-14-34 – same as the 3000 MHz kit.

If you’ve decided that you need this kit, you’ll have a month’s time to get $1,069.99 together for when it goes on sale at the end of February.

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