G.Skill Announces Trident Z RGB DDR4-3333MHz 128GB (16GBx8) Kits

G.Skill announced the Trident Z RGB DDR4-3333MHz enthusiast-level memory modules, available in 64GB (8GB x 8) and 128GB (16GB x 8) kits with lighting control software support for the Intel X99 platform. Although the company stated that there is lighting control software support for the Intel X99 platform from “most major motherboard vendors,” a complete list of motherboard support is not available at this time.

According to the press release, these memory kits operate at at 3333MHz frequency, with CL timings of 16-18-18-38 and 1.35V of power and are capable of running at DDR4-3466MHz CL16-18-18-38 in an 8GBx8 configuration and DDR4-3333MHz CL16-18-18-38 in 16GBx8.

The validation stress tests in the screenshot below was performed on an Asus X99-Deluxe II motherboard with an Intel Core i7-6800K processor.

G.Skill also announced new 16GB module-based memory kits for the Intel Z270 platform running at 3866MHz frequency, with CL timings of 18-18-18-38 and 1.35V.  Both validation screenshots were provided by G.Skill:

The following chart lists the full specifications for G.Skill's new DDR4 modules, all of which are optimized for both the X99 and Z270 platforms.

To commemorate the addition of X99 support, G.Skill made a new Trident Z RGB trailer to demonstrate the full-range RGB lighting effect of the full-length light bar on each module.

Trident Z RGB Trailer

These new Trident Z RGB memory kits are scheduled to be released in May 2017, with XMP 2.0 support, and are backed by G.Skill’s limited lifetime warranty. There is no pricing information available at this time.

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  • t1022k
    I remember when 512mb was a nice amount of ram and 256mb was ok most of the time...holy hell 128gb is a lot of RAM.
  • falchard
    I remember when RDR cost as much as a computer for only a little bit more ram.
    128 GB isn't that big by today's standard. They are used in servers and workstations. It is unusual for a consumer machine with RGB lighting.
  • ahnilated
    I really wish companies would stop posting stuff like this without pricing information. What a wasted read.