'Grand Theft Auto Online' Mixes Luxury And Business With 'Executives And Other Criminals' Expansion

The world of Grand Theft Auto Online continues to expand with more content, and next week’s addition brings more luxury to your character’s life with the Executives and Other Criminals pack.

Obviously, a life of luxury isn’t complete without some nice real estate, and this pack offers a new selection of apartments, houses in the rich neighborhood of Vinewood Hills, and to top it all off, a Super Yacht to host your extravagant parties. But it’s not all just about living the sportin’ life. Some players have a group to lead, and this pack allows you to use the yacht as a base of operations.

Minions in your group can be hired as bodyguards to protect your interests or simply accompany you on important missions. But other organizations will also attempt to take down your empire. However, you can counter with an array of new vehicles, such as the boat and helicopter that come with the yacht (which also includes its own missile defense system, obviously), or roam the streets of Los Santos with fear and style in a limousine fitted with a gun turret.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Executives and Other Criminals Trailer

Some existing game modes, such as King of the Castle, will automatically be updated to work with the new organization structure when it comes out next week. In addition, a new mode called Extraction Adversary Mode will be available, wherein players take on the role of bodyguards to extract the VIP from a crashed plane before the opposing team, the Hit Squad, arrives and kills the target.

As a sign of the times, the Executives and Other Criminals pack will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, forsaking those playing on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. It seems that with the continuing waves of content for online gameplay, the previous generation of consoles is slowly being abandoned to keep the development process short and focused on the PC and the current iteration of Sony and Microsoft’s gaming devices.

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  • hst101rox
    The world is bigger in dimensions now to hold the new houses? Kind of a newbie with that. And how much more disk space for this content?
  • canadianvice
    Gotta be honest, not that I wasn't really expecting it, but GTAO is crap. It's just constant deathmatching - I get it, it's GTA, but I was hoping for a bit of cooperation or reason for the wanton violence. If I take your car, come after me. I'm just walking down the street? Why the hell do you have to blow me up with an attack helicopter?
  • Haunted Abyss
    alot of kids ruin it... But Ive driven in a parkinglot ... Ran in a gas station robbed it.. And Another player was waiting for me outside... Not to shoot me but to be my gettaway driver. He yells HOP IN.. Im kinda Curious why. We soon became friends in RL and Honestly IT was one of my coolest experiences. Someone who Actually played the game right. The game is Perfect when with REAL friends or even REAL good people. Mean Spirited people Ruin it for everyone and not alot of players play DM or TDM like they used to. Sadly