Confirmed: Apple Puts Wrench Into Hackintoshes

It's been somewhat of a micro-saga going on in the PC netbook hobbyist camp who like to run Mac OS X, but now Apple has officially fired the first shot.

Developer builds of the latest Mac OS X build 10.6.2 were unable to run on netbooks built on the Intel Atom processor. This was significant as many of those who have hacked Apple's operating system to run on a PC were doing so on netbooks.

While the hackintosh community has been mostly ignored by Apple thus far (unless you're a commercial business selling hackintoshes), this marks a proactive step for the company in stomping out unauthorized usage of its software.

Those who have taken the plunge to 10.6.2 have discovered that their systems are now unable to boot, as it just puts itself in an infinite loop of restarts.

Oddly enough, those with hackintosh computers built using other Intel processors that aren't the Atom are not affected. This means that Psystar computers will accept the update without such an issue.

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  • neodude007
    I guess Apple needs a "win" somewhere since they keep getting ROFL-stomped in the iPhone jailbreaking scene and that other mobile device that keeps getting patched to play songs or use iTunes... forget wth that was...
  • the_krasno

    Seriously, Apple. These guys are paying you to run your software and you deny it to them because they didn't want the overpriced hardware? I thought you guys liked money.
  • roofus
    This plays right into their smarmy image if you ask me. If they cant get 1k out of you then they want nothing from you.