Hitachi Aims for 10TB Drives With Laser Heat

The future of speedy storage is in solid state, but the capacity advantage will still belong to the magnetic-based parts for the near future.

The one wrinkle in the evolution of hard disk drives is areal density. We may see HDDs grow to 3TB this year, but perpendicular magnetic recording technology is hitting a wall in terms of capacity.

Hitachi may have the solution to that with a method that involves lasers. The addition of lasers tends to improve almost anything, and this is no exception. A 20nm beam of light would be used to heat the storage medium while a magnetic head writes the bits.

The heat-based technology would enable smaller magnetic grains that could pave the way for 2.5 terabit per square inch -- five times the capacity of the densest hard drives of today, according to NordicHardware's explanation. This could mean hard drive sizes of 10TB.

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  • botabota
    Awesome... more room for pirated movies, software and... porn
  • xaira
    Step 1: Get Hard-drives
    Step 2: Attach lasers to Hard-drives
    Step 3:--------
    Step 4: Profit

    Sounds like a plan to me...
  • alextheawesome
    You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have hard drives with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads!

    hahahaha. austin powers.
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  • MadGoat1979
    To heat it? Interesting. What would this do for Storage / Watt I wonder? Are hard drives becoming the "Tape Drives" of the past?

    Interesting indeed....
  • hakesterman
    Heat Kills almost everything, hard to believe that it won't damage data after multiple writes to the
    drive. I'm not going down that road, SSD are the future and that's the road i'm traveling. I'm just
  • botabota
    Awesome... more room for pirated movies, software and... porn