How Coupons Work at Tom's Hardware

Why does Tom’s Hardware offer coupon codes?

Our mission has always been to help tech enthusiasts nurture their passion for gadgets. By pairing our wealth of editorial content, including reviews, features, and news with a community of experts, we support our audience to explore their love for all kinds of technology. Whether that’s buying the right laptop, building your own PC, or even teaching your kids to build robots. When you know what tech you love, it’s only natural we help you save money on it too.

We keep our eyes peeled for the best deals from several brands, helping our readers buy products we recommend at better prices. We source coupons for the same reason - to help our audience save on the tech they love. We only source and provide coupons from retailers we trust, and no third parties are involved in the process.

How does Tom’s Hardware source our coupon codes?

All the coupon codes and money-saving content you’ll find on Tom’s Hardware have been sourced, tested, or produced ourselves. No third parties are involved in sourcing, listing, or verifying coupon codes and deals, or in the creation of our surrounding content. 

As part of Future PLC, we have access to a central eCommerce technology called Hawk that allows us to easily list coupons, deals, and sale information on our pages. We’ve also worked with the wider Tom’s Hardware team to select retailers we trust and would buy from ourselves.

There is a dedicated team of deals experts at Tom’s Hardware who seek out the best coupon codes and offers from our chosen retailers to list on our pages. We keep close relationships with retailers and affiliate networks, which lets us hear about upcoming discounts and bring our audience exclusive discount codes.

Our deal experts also monitor the websites and newsletters of our chosen retailers, as well as competing coupon websites, to ensure we have all the latest available codes. We test every coupon code we find before it's added to one of our pages so that we only list working codes, and every code and deal on each of our coupon pages is updated regularly.

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Why trust Tom’s Hardware?

Tom’s Hardware was created in 1996 under the stewardship of Dr. Thomas Pabst, who initially called the site “Tom’s Hardware and Performance Guide”. Over the years, we have remained resolutely committed to the honest and thorough analysis of technology of all kinds, and we’ve grown to produce a broad range of content catering to readers of all experience levels. Whether it's our reviews of hardware and components, our how-to pieces on building PCs or robots, or our buying guides, our content is produced with the same mission in mind - to empower our audience and their tech enthusiasm through accessible content and a supportive community.

Our dedicated coupons team applies those same values to our coupon codes. Our list of chosen retailers consists of brands we trust to offer quality products and services. All of our coupons and deals are tested and verified to ensure they can save you money on your favorite products. We also provide as much information as possible on any terms and conditions, shipping, returns policies, and other ways to save on every coupon page.

With years of experience, we’ve also gained a reputation for our honest and unbiased journalism that people trust to help inform their purchases. To protect that reputation, we produce all of our coupon content ourselves, without any third-party involvement or contribution.

 Find out more about why we’re a trusted publication here. 

How do we make money?

When you make a purchase using a coupon code or offer from Tom’s Hardware, we may receive compensation.

Thanks to the hard work of our team of editors, deal experts, commercial account managers, and developers, all of the coupons, discounts, and deals on Tom’s Hardware are updated daily. To pay these people, we may earn money from our coupons on a commission basis.

When one of our readers chooses a coupon code they’d like to use and clicks on it, two things happen. First, they are taken to the brand’s website, where they can start shopping. Second, once they have arrived, a cookie is dropped that tells the retailer they've come from Tom’s Hardware. If that user goes on to make a purchase, we may earn a commission on that order. The amount we earn in commission depends on what the user buys, which retailer they purchase from, and our relationship with that brand.

On the Tom’s Hardware coupons homepage, you’ll see a few retailers highlighted, and in some cases, these placements are paid for by the brand to get some additional exposure. As per our editorial guidelines, we only link to retailers we recommend with discounts that benefit our users.

Our parent site, Future PLC has in-depth terms and conditions that detail the different ways that we make money across the group's publications. You can also find out more about Future PLC

How do we test coupon codes?

Every code on Tom’s Hardware is tested by our team to ensure they work as intended. We do this by using them in the same way one of our readers would. Once we find a new code, one of our deals experts will navigate to the retailer’s website and place an order, making sure it adheres to any relevant terms and conditions.

At the checkout, our deals expert enters the coupon code into the dedicated coupon field and applies it to our order. If a code does not work, we don’t add it to our site. If the code does work, we will list it on one of our coupon pages, and the deals expert will come back regularly to test the code again. By doing so, the goal is to ensure that only working codes are added to our site. It’s important to note that retailers can discontinue a coupon code without giving us notice. 

Any codes that have expired or no longer work as intended are removed as soon as possible so we can maintain a list of working codes on every page. For the same reason, we also exclude any one-time or user-specific codes from our pages, as these often become invalid once they’ve been redeemed.

What if a discount code doesn’t work?

Each coupon code on Tom’s Hardware may be subject to terms and conditions. Wherever this is the case, you can find full details of any applicable terms and conditions on our coupons page. Look for the “View terms and conditions” button below the text of the offer, and click it to reveal any requirements. These may include meeting a minimum spend, purchasing specific products, buying multiple items to qualify for a bulk discount, or verifying your status as a student, health worker, or military personnel to qualify for a discount scheme.

If a coupon code does not work at the checkout, make sure to double-check any terms & conditions of that offer. If you meet all of the criteria and the coupon code still isn’t accepted, you can get in touch with our customer support team via email at

  • Roland Of Gilead
    Personally, I have no issue with this whatsoever. Having been on Tom's forum since 2008, I've seen the changes that have happened for niche websites and how they can be maintained and continue to exist by some monetization.

    I guess back then, sites like Tom's and Anand didn't have much by way of income. Teams made up of experts/enthusiasts, and doing the workload with little or no remuneration. But now we live in a world where everyone deserves to get paid for the work they do.

    Also, it's a good little explainer. I've often checked out links to some hardware I may have been interested in, and the links would not work or deals expired. I now know (mostly) why that happens.

    One favour to ask! Any chance there could be some coupons for us Europeans?? :) I already know the answer, but worth mentioning again.

    Good work Tom's Team. Top job IMO, and for a long time too.