Hynix Predicts Rebound of DRAM Market

Hynix, the world's second-largest DRAM maker, hopes that prices for DRAM will continue to rise and that the industry will be able to recover throughout the second half of the year.

In an article posted by MarketWatch, Hynix CEO O.C. Kwon was quoted saying that "DRAM prices have largely bottomed out recently and are now in recovery."

He expects prices to improve in the second half of the year as there will not be as much DRAM supply due to the bankruptcy of Elpida as well as the fact that DRAM makers have not made any manufacturing investments to bring supply and demand in a balance. IHS recently said that Samsung controls about 43.2 percent of the DRAM market, followed by Hynix with 23.7 percent and Micron with 12 percent.

Elpida was most recently listed with about 11.9 percent market share, a large part of which may transition to other makers. IHS said that smaller makers especially will benefit as large DRAM purchasers already buy from the three leading suppliers. However, Elpida held about 25 percent of the mobile DRAM market and there will be a feeding frenzy among all suppliers to attract those orders.

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  • NapoleonDK
    So...it sounds like if you're planning on rounding out that 2x4GB kit you bought on a budget with another pair to go alongside it, you'd better do it now!

    I wonder if the price increase will be felt more by the smaller chips or the larger ones? Maybe the price premium that the 8GB kits command is truly artificial, and will actually hold steady, while the 4GB sticks stabilize and later rise to profitability?

    Edit: Typo
    Two Kingston Grey Series 8GB kits already in my rig. Just in case :) Learned my lesson from HDD market.
  • NapoleonDK
    @Edvin, Agreed! I spent all my money on a kickass motherboard and filled it with a i3-2100 and 8GB just to wait for Ivy. Looks like I'm going to want to upgrade my memory now before prices rise, then pull the trigger on a 3770K once it hits.