Intel Adds Bare-Metal oneAPI Support to Linux via its Compute Runtime

(Image credit: Intel)

Intel has added bare-metal oneAPI support to its open-source Graphics Compute Runtime for OpenCL and oneAPI, according to a Phoronix report on Monday. This brings oneAPI Level Zero to Linux.

Intel’s bare-metal specification for oneAPI is known as Level Zero and provides the lowest-level access to hardware, such as accelerators. Intel has now brought initial support for Level Zero to its Graphics Compute Runtime for OpenCL and oneAPI, as evidenced by a commit on GitHub.

Intel’s Compute Runtime supports Gen8 up to Gen12 for OpenCL and Gen9 up to Gen12 for Level Zero, both excluding Gen10. Intel describes it as follows:

“The Intel Graphics Compute Runtime for oneAPI Level Zero and OpenCL Driver is an open source project providing compute API support (Level Zero, OpenCL) for Intel graphics hardware architectures (HD Graphics, Xe).”

Intel released the Level Zero specification for its oneAPI programming model in December.