AVADirect Now Includes Intel Z97 Chipset Options

Custom computer builder AVADirect announced that it's now carrying Z97 chipset motherboards from Asus, Gigabyte and MSI. As previously reported, Intel's new chipset brings the M.2 SATA expansion slots, and SATA Express ports.

"AVADirect has been an Intel Platinum Partner for five years," the company announced. "On its fifth anniversary, AVADirect does not see [a] better way to celebrate than to use Intel's latest Z97 chipset as the perfect basis for AVADirect Performance Desktops, Gaming Systems, and Mini-Gaming PCs."

The select Asus boards will come with TUF Ice, an unattended cooling enhancement that maximizes cooling performance. The boards will also come with Thermal Armor, which minimalizes dust and improves MOSFET cooling. Thermal Radar 2 is another feature, which helps pinpoint areas that generate more heat than other areas.

On the Gigabyte side, select motherboards will have GbE LAN with CFOS that uses accelerator software to maximize bandwidth priority and management. There's also a copper CPB design for improved chipset cooling, and UEFI dualBIOS, which provides two BIOS versions in one machine that the user can switch between.

Finally, there's MSI. This company's select motherboards will feature a 12-phase DigitALL power design that improves the distribution of power throughout the board. The boards also have an advanced cooling design, enabling waterblock support, and a wireless display for monitoring the status of the integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

"The Z97 not only promises to be a large improvement, but offers many feature-rich additions that make considering the Z97 chipset not only worth it, but practically pay for itself," the company reports.

Head here to build a computer using Intel's new Z97 chipset.