Intel Atom S ''Centerton'' Specs Leaked

Better known as Intel's microserver with the "Centerton" brand, Atom S processors appear to be available initially in three dual-core versions. The CPUs will integrate a dual-die structure with two 32 nm Saltwell cores with HyperThreading capability and clock speeds of 1.6 and 2.0 GHz.

The 1.6 GHz version will be offered as S1220 and S1240 versions, whereas the S1240 consumes 6.1 watts and the S1200 is rated at 8.1 watts. The 2 GHz model checks in at 8.5 watts. For Atom processors, these are rather generous power budgets, which are likely due to greater feature integration such as an integrated memory controller. CPU World note that, while the Centerton Atoms will need external discrete controllers, "they will not require Platform and I/O controller hub chips".

Centerton will be Intel's first move into the micro server market, which appear to have special appeal in cloud scenarios and run applications that do not need the massive performance of a Xeon processor and virtualization makes little sense. Centerton servers with up to two processors per server unit could be used especially in data analytics, storage and networking applications.

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  • aicom
    This could be really cool with Haswell cores supporting TSX.
  • Grass Peer
    aicomThis could be really cool with Haswell cores supporting TSX.

    How? What do you mean?
  • aicom
    Grass PeerHow? What do you mean?

    Sorry, I meant the whole many low-power core server idea. TSX makes that significantly more efficient by reducing locking overhead.