Intel CEO to Provide Update on Manufacturing Plans Tomorrow

Intel Update on Manufacturing Plans
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Pat Gelsinger, Intel's CEO and SVP of operations will host a webcast tomorrow, Jan. 21, at 11:30 a.m. PT (7:30 p.m. GMT). It is thought that a significant change or addition to the IDM 2.0 strategy is about to be unveiled in this webcast, which the company says is about "investment in manufacturing leadership." Anyone interested will be able to tune in live to the webcast via the Intel Newsroom.

Intel's last minute announcement suggests something exciting is afoot, and it is bringing in the big guns to let investors and analysts know what's going on. Gelsinger will be joined by Intel SVP and general manager of Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Operations, Keyvan Esfarjani.

Pat Gelsinger and Keyvan Esfarjani  (Image credit: Intel)

Intel provides a few solid hints to the direction the webcast tomorrow will take. It says that the two top execs will "share details of Intel’s latest plans for investment in manufacturing leadership," to propel forward the firm's IDM 2.0 strategy. Intel also states it "is committed to investing in manufacturing capacity to meet the surging demand for advanced semiconductors and to build a more resilient, globally balanced supply chain."

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Intel isn't exactly giving a lot away here, but Oregonian reporter Mike Rogoway is convinced that Intel has big plans in Ohio. An Oregonian news report from a week ago, flagged by Rogoway, asserts that Intel has plans "to build a major new computer-chip factory near Columbus, Ohio, in what could be the largest economic development project in state history."

Intel's webcast stream is going to be recorded, and should you miss the live broadcast it will be made available shortly after its conclusion. If there are any significant developments you will of course find them here on Tom's Hardware.

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