Motherboard Makers Drop Intel 7 Series Board Prices

According to a report by Digitimes, first-tier motherboard makers reduced their prices in an effort to compete for market share.

Apparently, the original plan was to raise prices to make up for higher copper prices, but the price reductions may have been necessary as there are fears of slower growth in the motherboard market that typically lays the foundation for a highly competitive phase with price reductions. Digitimes says that 7 series motherboards dropped by about 3 to 10 percent in Europe and second tier manufacturers lost market share as a result. There was no information on prices for the U.S.

Intel is expected to launch its 7 series chipset sometime in April.

  • EzioAs
    That's good to hear. Lowering prices is always better for consumers.
  • shardey
    I am very pleased with my 2820qm sandy bridge in my laptop, now looking forward to building a desktop with Ivy Bridge! This is great news.
  • knowom
    Joy of joys it nearly offsets the HDD price increases. Guess that's why I opted to buy a used HD off ebay for cheap something I normally wouldn't have considered for that kind of part.
  • tomfreak
    Great, now all we need is to have DDR2 price hike, while DDR3 stays, then Intel lower their CPU price further, so I can dispose my 775 secondary system for second 1155 without much added cost!
  • gtvr
    Actually I've seen prices come down a bit on HDDs as well. Saw a few 1TB 7200rpm under 100 for the first time in a long time.
  • confish21
    There still gonna be too expensive for me... :(

    Im all about second "tier" manufacturers
  • velocityg4
    I'm just hoping for RAID 0/1/5/10 support with SATA III, USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, Dual PCI-e 3.0 x16, a couple x1 or even x4 slots and good overclocking controls for K series CPU's for under $150.

    Also please no PCI slots, PS/2, LPT, SATA II, IDE, Floppy or COM ports. They just waste space that can be used on new connectors.

    Though for now I could really care less about thunderbolt. The only time I connect an external is for backup purposes. Internal RAID is a must though. I have dual SSD's in RAID 0 and three data hard drives in RAID 0. That way I get extreme speed and capacity for storage and programs.
  • geekapproved
    That's cause they know like s2011, they will not sell well. Most people that buy Ivy Bridge will be using current mobo chipsets.
  • DroKing
    Who cares.... Intel is shitty.
  • leon2006
    Less Desktop or PC is being built.... The market is shifting to Tablets and Mobile devices