Intel Shows Off the Best Core i7, i5 Case Mods

We all love a good case mod, and so does Intel. In fact, the chipmaker challenged the mod community to come up with the greatest case mods ever using Core i7 and Core i5 parts (though some made it through using previous generation parts).

Intel set up the challenge to all enthusiasts in Belgium, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States – and now we know all the winning entries.

The image below has a sampling of the winners, but the full details of each system can be found here.


Interestingly, we reported on the U.S. winner's entry in an earlier story. Congrats!

Those with the best mods will receive gift cards worth up to US $1,500; Intel processors; an Intel Atom processor-based netbook; a Flip HD pocket camcorder; a 160GB Intel solid-state drive and other prizes.

Tell us which one is your favorite!

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  • Socnom
    Needs more cow bell.
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  • frozenlead
    I wish I had that much time.
  • imspecial
    I agree with you on that one frozen

    Some of those are pretty neat, others could use some more creativity. But seeing that I didn't make one, who am I to judge.
  • Honis
    The United Kingdom one gets some major style points, but I'm a sucker for white on black.

    Why he needs that many fans in a water cooled system is beyond me though. Maybe it doubles as an airplane engine?