Intel in Pole Position, Releases Graphics Driver For Windows 11

The F1 2021 game
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Intel is in pole position, beating Nvidia and AMD to first place by listing support for Windows 11 in the latest graphics driver update, It won't be long until Nvidia and AMD list also list support, but for now Intel has the lead.

User Account Control on Windows 11

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Beating AMD and Nvidia to the fresh green pastures of 11, Intel’s latest driver brings Auto HDR support to 10th-gen Intel Core processors with Iris Plus Graphics, or higher, using the new OS. There are also optimizations for F1 2021, and the DirectX 12 versions of Moonlight Blade and Call of Duty Warzone get some love. It also fixes an issue where monitors connected over HDMI 2.0 wouldn’t resume from sleep properly.

To install the driver, you’ll need at least a 6th-generation Intel CPU (Skylake) with integrated graphics, and be running Windows 10 from 2018 (version 1809) or a more recent update. There's no mention of Direct Storage yet, though this may not be a feature added through graphics drivers.

This driver will be great news for anyone who’s installed the preview build of Windows 11 on a second PC that’s reliant on integrated graphics. AMD and Nvidia will likely be along with their own updates drivers any moment now.

Ian Evenden
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