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Intel to Support Wireless Charging by 2014

Intel confirmed that wireless charging will become available in the form of reference designs in early 2013 with full commercialization expected to take place in 2014. The initial set of targeted products will include Ultrabooks, all-in-one PCs, smartphones, and standalone chargers.

There are no details on specs and pricing, even if Intel's Dan Snyder notes that wireless charging times are similar to those of a USB cable setup. It is reasonable to assume that wireless chargers will command a noticeable premium over products cable chargers, even if the hardware production and assembly cost may be substantially lower. The article published by The Register suggests that details will be revealed next month at the fall Intel Developer Forum.

From Snyder's blog post:

"Imagine, for example, this wireless charging solution in an Ultrabook of the future. How would it work? You are low on juice on your phone — you simply start the WCT [wireless charging technology] detection software and place the smartphone close to your Ultrabook (about an inch or so). Coupling takes place between the two devices and energy begins to seamlessly and wirelessly flow from the Ultrabook to the smartphone. Within an hour, you have recharged your smartphone sufficiently to make it through the afternoon. No more wires or chargers."

Probably the best known wireless charging technology today is the Duracell Powermat, which is based on a charging case for phones as well as a charging surface a device needs to be placed on. Intel's wireless charging technology will be based on technology provided by IDT.

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