Intel Preps Mobile Ivy Bridge Pentiums

According to CPU World, Intel is preparing the announcement of the Pentium 2117U (dual-core, BGA1023, 1.8 GHz) as well as the Pentium 2020M (dual-core, G2, 2.4 GHz). There will also be two new Sandy Bridge processors, the Pentium 987 (dual-core, BGA1023, 1.5 GHz), as well as the Pentium B980 (dual-core, G2, 2.4 GHz). There was no information on a launch date.

On the performance side, we expect Intel's high-end desktop processors to be updated with the i7-3970X with a clock speed of 3.5 GHz (15 MB cache, 6 cores, LGA2011) to replace the 3960X as flagship processor in the fourth quarter.

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  • kawininjazx
    Can't wait, the current gen Pentiums like the B950 and B960 are great performers for the price.
  • Darkerson
    That they are. Thinking about using one in an HTPC project.
  • joytech22
    Really want something to replace the E-450 in my HTPC so I can throw my E-450 into an experimental system.

    These ivy pentiums seem like my best bet, but not quite sure what I'd do for graphics considering they have just over 1/3 the execution units for graphics of normal HD4000's (Intel's HD not Radeon's, you guys already know this though).

    Maybe I'll just build a SuperTPC with an i7 and HD4000 graphics (Case PSU covers PCI-E slot) lol.
  • greghome
    Would be great if they made Ivy Core i3s (mobiles) more available though :/