Intel launches low-voltage Xeon processor with 800 MHz FSB

Santa Clara (CA) - Intel announced the arrival of a new low-voltage version of its Xeon product series. The new chip is clocked at 2.8 GHz and integrates the 64-bit extension set EM64T.

The new processor is the first low-voltage Xeon chip with 800 MHz system bus of and aims at high density applications such as controllers for storage networks. The recent introduction of the 64-bit extension set EM64T gives Intel the opportunity to advertise these processors now capable of addressing more than 4 GByte of memory.

In comparison to the regular 2.8 GHz Xeon processor, the low-power version reduces the thermal design power from 74W to 55W. Core voltage decreases from a range of 1.29V/ 1.4V to 1.1V/1.2V. The 90 nm chip includes 1 MByte of L2 cache.

Pricing of the processor has not been announced yet.