Intel Demos Processor Running on Red Wine at IDF

(Image credit: ShutterStock)

IDF yielded a ton of new gadgets, but things got really interesting towards the end of the conference. The Register reports that Intel showed off a processor powered by wine on day three of IDF.

According to the Reg, Intel's Dr Genevieve Bell demoed a low-powered CPU and accelerometer powered by a glass of red wine. The demo was based on the same principal as the timeless potato battery experiment. The electrodes placed in the glass reacted with the wine's acetic acid and produced a current. Bell jokingly referenced the first miracle of Jesus (water into wine) while speaking at IDF:

"Some people turn water into wine, here at Intel, we're turning wine into electricity," she's quoted as saying. "It's possible to start imagining a world of incredibly low power but also with high performance, which will help unburden us, help us do things that are remarkable and gives the ability to power things like constant sensing, communication, and computing, all of which are necessary for our mobile future."

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  • Sadly, no word on the processor spec's; or did I miss it somewhere?
  • expl0itfinder
    Impressive and promising concept, even if slightly humorous at first.
  • neblogai
    I see what Intel is thinking: implanted processors, powered by wine. Thank you!
  • arges86
    Sounds like an evolutionary step towards getting a beer fueled robot like Bender
  • Fred Zlotnick
    The wine does NOT provide energy, it is simply an electrolyte. It could be replaced by many household chemicals such as lemon juice, soda water, vinegar, baking soda. The energy comes from two dissimilar metals such as copper and zinc. The zinc will give up its electrons and flow through the circuit, to the copper. The wine(acidic) simply allows the process to continue.
  • milktea
    Intel is very serious in ultra low power processing. They have the advantage of a strong team of implacable R&D. ARM's future is looking grim.
  • teh_chem
    Highly uninteresting, even for a publicity event.
  • shin0bi272
    I thought it was referring to wine like the linux program.
  • digiex
    "I see what Intel is thinking: implanted processors, powered by wine. Thank you! "

    Implanted processors, powered by your blood!
  • JPNpower
    AMD potato chips vs INTEL wine processor.