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Intel Tiger Lake-U Benchmarks Hint at 11th Gen CPU Performance

(Image credit: Kjersti Joergensen/Shutterstock)

Just two weeks ago the Intel Core i7-1185G7 was subjected to the 3DMark benchmark leak treatment, and it looks like today another chip is suffering the same fate, as spotted by hardware leaker @_Rogame.

Like its higher-SKU counterpart, the i7-1165G7 is expected to be a Tiger Lake-U part. At least with these early benchmark results, the two chips don't appear to have that many differences. 

Rumored Intel Tiger Lake-U Specs & Performance

Intel Core i7-1165G7Intel Core i7-1185G7
Cores / Threads4 / 84 / 8
Base Frequency2.8 GHz3.0 GHz
Boost Frequency??
3DMark Time Spy CPU Score4,7502,922
3DMark Time Spy GPU Score1,1501,296
3DMark Time Spy Combined1,2971,414

The i7-1165G7 reportedly has a 200 MHz lower frequency compared to the i7-1185G7. Keep in mind that these chips succeed the 10th Generation Ice Lake-U silicon (not to be confused with the 10th Generation Comet Lake parts). Compared to its predecessor, the i7-1065G7, the i7-1165G7 actually gets an impressive 1.5 GHz bump in its base frequency, assuming these numbers are correct. 

Of course, without information about the boost clocks we can't say much about the performance, and unfortunately, neither of the leaks carried any decent information about boost clocks.

We suspect that both chips will come with some form of Intel's Xe graphics architecture.

(Image credit: @_Rogame)

In 3DMark, the i7-1165G7 scored 1,150 points to graphics and 4,750 points to the CPU for a total score of 1,297 points. That's just a smidgen lower than the more powerful i7-1185G7's score. That said, the CPU portion of the i7-1165G7's score was significantly higher than that of the i7-1185G7. This reminds us that we shouldn't place too much faith in these scores until we can run our own testing.

Niels Broekhuijsen

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