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Intel's Viiv specifications leaked

Intel recently briefed system builders on the requirements for devices to qualify for the firm's Hometrino brand "Viiv". The reference entertainment platform will be based on Pentium D dual-core processors and 945/955X/975X chipsets or the upcoming Pentium M dual-core Yonah in combination with a 945GT chipset. Sources told Tom's Hardware Guide that the 945GT chipset will be offered for custom system designs only.

Additionally, Viiv will require a SATA harddrive that support native command queuing (NCQ), support for 5.1 channel sound or better as well as high definition audio, a remote control. The only operating system considered is Microsoft's Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE). The platform will also contain Intel-developed Viiv software that runs with a Windows GUI shell.

Early Viiv platforms are expected to debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Intel will use the tradeshow also as launch platform for its Yonah-based Pentium M dual-core and single-core processors. (THG)