In Win Reveals Classic, F1, FM PSUs At CES

In Win is among the very few companies that actually have a PSU production line. Because that line isn't particularly large, though, compared to those of major PSU OEMs, it deals only with in house products, and it doesn't produce any PSUs for other companies.

The high-end models of In Win's Classic PSU line will be the C 1050 and C 1250, featuring 1050W and 1250W capacity, respectively. Efficiency is 80 PLUS Platinum, and both units feature a fully modular cable design. A double-ball bearing fan is used for cooling, and the warranty is set at seven years, indicating that the platform is reliable enough to meet the tough competition.

The flagship model of the line, the C 1250, has distinct external looks thanks to a small detail: the diamond-cut outline of its fan grille. Those units will be available most likely in Q1 2017, with the worst case scenario being early Q2.

The Premium series consists of three Gold efficiency models with capacities ranging from 650W to 850W. A hypro-bearing fan handles the cooling section, and the logo on the side features RGB lighting. The fully modular cable design is an essential feature for any high-end PSU, and the Premium models use Japanese electrolytic caps, which allow the warranty period to reach five years. Finally, a full protection set covers those PSUs, ensuring their reliability. The release date will be somewhere in Q1 2017.

In Win is planning to also release several affordable PSU models. The Force (F1) and Force Modular (FM) lines include two members each with 500W and 600W capacities, which are 80 PLUS Bronze certified. The FM models are fully modular, whereas the F1 units have only fixed cables. The fan is 120mm and uses a ceramic (Ceradyna) bearing, which promises lower noise compared to double-ball and sleeve-type bearings but with increased lifetime. All FM and F1 units look to utilize DC-DC converters for the generation of the minor rails and are covered by all necessary protections.

Another affordable line will be the Force (F2), which also includes two units featuring 500W and 600W capacity. Currently there is no efficiency certification for those units, and we should stress that they're compatible only with 230V mains, not with 115V. This is likely the reason In Win chose not to certify them, although 80 PLUS also has a 230V certification program for desktop PSUs.

The FM2 PSUs use the same fan with the F1 and FM models and also feature DC-DC converters for the minor rails, meaning that the platform's design is up to date. All protection features are present, and it's worth mentioning that this line, along with the F1 and FM models, is resilient to high temperatures, because according to In Win, continuous full power delivery is supported at up to 50°C ambient temperatures. Both F2 PSUs come with a couple of PCIe connectors and a single EPS connector. Their depth is restricted at 140mm.

We don't have any price info about the upcoming In Win PSU releases. However, most of them will be released within the first months (Q1) of 2017, so we will soon find out their MSRPs. 

Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.