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'Island 359' Has A Launch Date: The VR Dino Hunt Is About To Begin

Island 359, CloudGate Studio’s inaugural VR title, has a release date. The first virtual reality dinosaur hunting game will be coming to Steam Early Access in just over a week, on August 23.

In late July, we spoke with Steve Bowler and Jeremy Chapman, the two co-founders to CloudGate Studio. Together, they described their upcoming VR game, Island 359, with excitement. The game is a first-person shooter set in the heart of a jungle island that has been inhabited by dinosaurs such as raptors and compys. Your mission is to clear out as many as you can and make it off the island alive. The developers said it isn’t meant to be scary, but these are the same guys that came up with The Brookhaven Experiment, so I’m not sure we can believe that.

During our interview, Bowler and Chapman revealed that the game would be launching through Steam’s Early Access program in the “coming weeks.” Bowler noted that it was simply a matter of Valve’s approval.

It would appear Valve liked what it saw, because the game now has a launch date. You can grab Island 359 on Tuesday, August 23 for $19.99. You will need an HTC Vive to play the game.