Windows 10 On Any Screen? InFocus Unveils $99 'Kangaroo' Portable PC

Continuum, which gives your Windows Phone desktop-like capabilities by connecting it to a larger screen, is but one of the many features available on Windows 10. However, the phone's performance is still limited due to its hardware, so most users will likely still prefer using a laptop. But there's an in-between alternative thanks to a company called InFocus, which released a small, portable Windows 10 PC called the Kangaroo, which allows you to get a Windows 10 system running on virtually any screen.

According to the Kangaroo materials we received, it allegedly can effectively get Windows 10 on any connected display: "This mobile desktop could work with any screen such as your phone, tablet, monitor, TV and projector." InFocus also claimed that the Kangaroo can work with any iOS device via a (not included) USB cable.

The Kangaroo presents itself at 0.52 x 3.17 x 4.88 inches (HxWxD) and weighs only 0.44 pounds. The device itself actually comes in two parts: There's the tiny PC itself, and there's also space for an attachable dock for the DC In port, one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 port, and an HDMI port.

It also includes what the company calls an Action Switch, which allows it to connect point-to-point with your other systems via Wi-Fi. For security, it includes Windows Hello as well as a fingerprint reader. In the initial setup, you will need the dock to connect various peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard, but once you setup the device's Bluetooth connection, you can use a wireless keyboard and mouse.

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InFocus KangarooHeader Cell - Column 1
CPUIntel Atom x5-Z8500 (Cherry Trail, 1.44 GHz, up to 2.24 GHz)
Storage32 GB eMMC
GPUIntel HD Graphics (Gen 8, 600 MHz)
I/O1x micro-USB (charge only), 1x microSD slot
ConnectivityWi-Fi 802.11 a/c, Bluetooth 4.0
OSWindows 10 Home

Perhaps the biggest downside to the device is its battery life. With a maximum of four hours on casual use, you might have to bring the power cord along with you at all times, just to be safe.

Still, the fact that you can easily add more storage space with a microSD card shows that you can have a small, yet fully functional dedicated PC for your travels with enough space to store office apps as well as other documents. Then again, you might be paying more for that extra storage than the entire device itself, depending on the microSD storage size.  

Speaking of cost, the $99 price point is perhaps the Kangaroo's most alluring factor, making the device cheaper than notebooks and Chromebooks.

However, its release marks the beginning of a long campaign for the company. In a few months at CES, InFocus will also show off more accessories to go along with the Kangaroo, such as alternate docks (which will cost an additional $39.99 each) and monitors.


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  • turkey3_scratch
    Great price, cannot argue that!
  • zodbuster
    apple has the same thing.. and it's only $299 ... lol /s
  • falchard
    Sure you can, they should have stuck an AMD in there. What do you hope to accomplish with an... Atom.
  • hst101rox
    I'd like more details on how it interacts with a ARM device (smart phone) and if you can use your smart phone through that inFocus computer to drive output from the phone to the screen and if it's possible to use horsepower from the inFocus computer for use with your activities.
  • rad666
    Great! Now I can take this over to my friends house and work on spreadsheets together...
  • jaber2
    Great! Now I can take this over to my friends house and work on spreadsheets together...
    Sounds exciting
  • WFang
    It seems the integrated GPU solution from intel supports H264... so I wonder how well this would work with Steam game-stream? Or PLEX player/client? Could make a nice portable entertainment gadget on par with e.g. Roku etc.?
  • zodiacfml
    Almost. They should have released a smartphone with this hardware. I know they are producing ARM based smartphones recently.
  • hst101rox
    <quote>Great! Now I can take this over to my friends house and work on spreadsheets together... </quote>

    Excel for Scientists and Engineers book, 2nd edition made in 1995, could be a lot of fun!
  • beggerking
    not the first...
    THE VOYO V2, intel stick etc etc existed long before this... at similar price

    this does have better processor though