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Kingston launches DDR2 memory for Intel 915/925 platform

Chicago (IL) - Kingston has begun shipping DDR2 400- and 533- MHz memory modules for Intel's recently announced Express Chipsets 915G and 925X, previously code-named Grantsdale and Alderwood).

The chips operate at 1.8 Volts and use about 50 percent less power than previous memories for Intel platforms. CAS latencies are rated at 3 and 4. The line-up starts with 512 MByte 400 MHz ECC DDR2 DIMMs which are priced at $222. 1 GByte DIMMs ring in at $420, 2 GByte EDD at $840.

533 MHz modules are available in configurations with 256 MByte ($125), 512 MByte (from $185), 1 GByte (from $362) and 2 GByte (from $723).

More Details are available on Kingston's Website.